After Dinner Coffee Drinks – Crab House on PIER 39

As you start your day in San Francisco, there are so many types of coffee to choose from. But where do you begin? We are more than happy to help guests learn and have a better understanding of different kinds of coffee. If we don’t happen to serve all types of coffee drinks at Crab House that you are looking for, our sister store Biscoff Coffee Corner has a wide variety of different coffee drinks. And, your receipt at the end of your meal gets you a special exclusive discount valid at the coffee store! 

Many coffee varieties

Understanding different types of coffee can be overwhelming for someone just starting out. We have found a really easy way for many people to warm up to coffee, pun intended, is to refer to a coffee types chart. This chart will help you understand coffee from different regions, brewing styles, acidity, harshness, and smoothness. This baseline understanding is the ideal foundation to build your knowledge. 

Types of coffee drinks

Once you understand different kinds of coffee, the next step is to understand how that affects the types of coffee drinks you can choose. Many beginner coffee drinkers lean toward sweeter drinks like mochas as they are adjusting to the strong acquired taste of coffee, while seasoned coffee drinkers tend to lean more toward espresso or plain black coffee. 

A great way to see all types of coffee drinks together is in a coffee drinks chart.  Since there are so many different kinds of coffee drinks, a chart should help you understand the little differences of how they compare to each other. 

We have incredible smooth coffee that goes extremely well with a bit of cream or milk and sugar if you so desire. Our sister store, Biscoff Coffee Corner, has the best coffee on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco with everything from macchiatos, cappuccinos, white chocolate mochas, and the famous Biscoff latte.