Best Restaurant With A View In San Francisco

Crab House is a restaurant with a view widely known for its world-famous Killer Crab (whole Dungeness Crab roasted in a secret garlic sauce served on a sizzling iron skillet), and sizzling shrimp and mussel skillets served with lemon butter sauce.  Since the food is so good, you may not know that Crab House is also one of the best waterfront restaurants in San Francisco for dinner with a view.

Golden Gate Bridge View

Most restaurants with views in San Francisco have just a few tables with a view. This scarcity means that at most waterfront restaurants in San Francisco you most likely will be seated at one of the other tables since everyone wants the tables with the view, of course. That is absolutely not the case at Crab House.

Crab House tops the list of SF restaurants with a view being perched on the west side of PIER 39 in Fisherman’s Wharf on the second level. Why does this matter? The restaurant is out on a pier and raised up (being on the upper level) for an unobstructed view of the San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz giving almost every seat in the whole restaurant a view of the Bay. It is truly one of the most spectacular restaurants with a view the bay area has to offer.

Waterfront View


The next time you are planning a romantic meal – look no further. This restaurant has cozy booths where you can snuggle up with your date overlooking the bay and sip on tasty hand-crafted cocktails or fantastic California wines. For a truly romantic table, you may choose to sit at the circular cozy firepit also overlooking the bay. What is more romantic than sipping fine wine paired with a delicious Surf and Turf, and finished off with a shared delicious dessert.

The friendly yet professional staff will make sure you and your date have a great time and leave full and happy. Crab House is absolutely one of the most romantic restaurants in San Francisco with a view.

Sustainable Food

We are proud to serve all sustainable seafood. This is important because while you are taking in incredible views of the San Francisco Bay craving delicious seafood, you can feel good knowing that the seafood you are consuming was caught in a way that does not harm the ocean and helps the ocean thrive and continue to grow. When you are digging into your fresh Dungeness crab during crab season – you can feel good about it!

If you are interested in learning more about sustainability you should visit the Aquarium of the Bay which is right on PIER 39.

View of the Bay

Fun Meal

Not only is the food delicious, but you can also expect a fun experience while dining at the Crab House. The most popular items are the “Killer Crab®” (Whole Dungeness Crab roasted in a secret garlic sauce served on a sizzling iron skillet) and sizzling shrimp and mussels served on sizzling iron skillets. The steam and smell are fun and enticing for adults and kids alike.

Your server also provides a bib that they help tie on you so you will feel free to really dig in enjoy without messing up your clothes. The whole crab is of course served with crab crackers and an empty bowl for you to discard the crab shell you crab off of the succulent crab meat. Pro tip: Dip the sourdough bread rolls into the secret garlic sauce left in the skillet for an unforgettable decadent treat.

If you are a fan of Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably already realized this is the perfect setting for fun photo and video memories to post that all of your followers will love to see.

All of these fun skillet elements, in addition to the fact that you’re at an ocean-view restaurant in San Francisco, give you the ideal backdrop for incredible photo memories.


With the combination of fun and romance that Crab House offers it would be hard not to notice how perfect this restaurant is for celebrations of all kinds. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, engagement, graduation, prom, the holiday season, or any other reason to get together and enjoy good food, drinks and company this is an amazing choice.

Celebrating with a larger party is fantastic here as a private space that accommodates 40 guests with incredible views of the San Francisco Bay, PIER 39 harbor, Sea Lions, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Of all the San Francisco restaurants on the water, we are one of the restaurants that can accommodate a private party and still offer an incredible view!

waterfront restaurant

Comfortable Atmosphere

While it is common for restaurants with a view in San Francisco to have strict dress codes and feel quite upscale, Crab House has a more inclusive casual vibe, especially during the daytime.

The restaurant is welcoming and unpretentious with an incredibly friendly welcoming staff that is excited to take great care of you. Being on PIER 39, this restaurant is the top choice of many people who are walking around exploring the Pier for the day in their comfortable day exploring attire which lends to a casual vibe in the restaurant.

Additionally, the crab, shrimp and mussel sizzling skillets are fun to dig right in with your hands to crack, peel and devour. The secret garlic sauce is plentiful and addicting but can admittedly get a bit messy. That is why we of course encourage and offer complimentary bibs during your meal. As well as a wet napkin to thoroughly clean your hands so you can fully enjoy while you are eating without having to worry. On that same note, we understand some guests might not want to wear their most delicate clothing in case they do end up getting messy.

If you are searching for dinner with a view in San Francisco and want a welcoming, fun, romantic, and absolutely delicious experience – make a reservation at Crab House today!

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