Top Kid Friendly Restaurants in San Francisco

If you’re looking for kid friendly restaurants in San Francisco, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a list of the restaurants suitable for parents and their kiddos.

Kid Friendly Restaurant Requirements

A kid friendly restaurant must go beyond just having a menu with approachable food options. It must also encompass a dining experience that is enjoyable for both children and their parents. For example, the restaurants should have:

  1. Kids’ Menus

    A family friend restaurant in San Francisco must obviously include a specialized kids menu! It should offer options that cater to children’s tastes and preferences. Ideally, the kids menu would feature illustrations and fun names to make the dishes more appealing to kids.

  2. Healthy Choices

    The kids menu should also consider nutrition, offering a balance between tasty dishes and healthy choices. The most family friendly restaurants in San Francisco include lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits served in a fun way.

  3. Friendly and Accommodating Staff

    A welcoming atmosphere is key to creating a relaxed and fun environment for families. Staff must be friendly and accommodating of families’ particular needs. Patience, understanding, and speedy assistance are paramount. It also helps to have a simplified ordering process, menus with pictures, or even digital ordering options to make it easier for kids to decide on what they want.

  4. Quick Service

    Children often become restless if waiting for too long, especially while hungry. This is why family friendly restaurants should serve food as quickly as possible. Staff may also need to quickly provide more napkins or adjust spice levels promptly.

  5. Kid-Friendly Amenities

    These kid-friendly amenities at the minimum include high chairs, booster seats, and changing facilities in the restrooms. They could also include bibs, smaller cutlery, and cups with lids to prevent spills. Don’t forget the special birthday packages just for kids!

  6. Amenities for the Parents

    Parents also may need amenities while caring for their children at the restaurant, such as Wi-Fi and a place to store strollers. A restaurant’s location and ease of parking also impacts parents.

  7. Safety Measures

    Safety becomes even more important when children are at the restaurant. Extra safety measures should include having no sharp corners on tables, securing furniture that could easily tip over, and other barriers to potential hazards.

  8. Flexible Seating Options

    The best family style restaurants have seating options that accommodate the wide range of family parties, from 2 to 6+. This would help make the dining experience more comfortable for families of all sizes. Ensuring that there is ample space between tables is especially important for baby friendly restaurants in San Francisco.

  9. Fun Decor

    Kids’ favorite restaurants incorporate captivating themes or decor which add adventure and excitement to mealtime. This decor will also keep kids engaged with the dining experience.

  10. Entertainment and Activities

    The icing on the cake for a family restaurant in San Francisco would be entertainment options such as coloring books, crayons, puzzles, or small play areas for children. Some kid friendly restaurants in San Francisco specialize in these options!

If you’re looking for family friendly San Francisco activities or things to do with kids in San Francisco, why not consider going to a restaurant? While the list of requirements for kid-friendly restaurants in San Francisco is long, many restaurants in San Francisco can accommodate all or most of those needs!

Top Kid-Friendly Restaurants in San Francisco

Here is a list of the best family style restaurants in San Francisco:

  1. Crab House at Pier 39

    Location: Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf
    Crab House at Pier 39 is one of San Francisco’s most popular seafood restaurants, and it’s also a great place for families to dine. Its location on Pier 39 make it the perfect place for families. Pier 39 is full of family-friendly activities, such as a carousel rides and free sea lion viewing. Crab House offers stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and the San Francisco Bay, which you can see from every table. The restaurant also has plenty of food that kids would especially love, like fish & chips, cheeseburgers, pasta, and chicken tenders.

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  2. Pier Market Seafood Restaurant

    Location: Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf
    Another Pier 39 restaurant, Pier Market Seafood Restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere perfect for families. After enjoying all that Pier 39 has to offer, head to Pier Market for a classic San Franciscan seafood meal. This restaurant also features a large patio area perfect for people watching with the family. The kids menu includes grilled shrimp with a choice of steamed broccoli, french fries, or rice, fish & chips, chicken tenders, and cheeseburgers.

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  3. Eagle Cafe

    Location: Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf
    To close out our selection of family-friendly Pier 39 restaurants, Eagle Cafe makes for a standout choice. Eagle Cafe has a casual and inviting atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home. Its historic decor (the restaurant opened in 1928!) is engaging for diners of all ages. The cafe also features an extensive menu with so many options that even the pickiest eaters will leave happy. From classic American breakfasts like Pancakes and French Toast with toppings and crab or classic Eggs Benedict to lunches like burgers and fish tacos, Eagle Cafe has it all. Visiting Eagle Cafe means a great family-friendly dining experience coupled with a memorable day exploring one of San Francisco’s most beloved attractions, Pier 39.

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  4. Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar

    Location: Chinatown
    If you’re looking for kid friendly restaurants in San Francisco near Union Square, consider Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar. The word “Bar” may make this a confusing choice, but it is actually a full-service restaurant that welcomes diners of all ages before 10 pm. Located in the basement of the historic Fairmont Hotel, this restaurant transports its diners into a Polynesian, tiki environment. The immersive decor even features an indoor pool (live music after 7 PM performs from a floating boat) and tropical rain, thunder, and lightning “storms.”

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  5. Hikari Bullet Train Sushi & Bar

    Location: Japantown
    Hikari Bullet Train Sushi & Bar is no ordinary sushi restaurant. They have imported a bullet train system from Japan to quickly and memorably deliver hand-crafted sushi from the kitchen to your table. Both children and adults will be entertained by the technology at Hikari. They even have robots deliver drinks and other dishes table side! The unbeatably speedy service and built-in entertainment makes this an ideal kid-friendly restaurant.

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  6. Lemonade Restaurant

    Location: SOMA
    Lemonade is a Los Angeles-based mini-chain of upscale cafeterias. This takes pictures on menus to the next level by allowing kids to directly see the food options and choose from there. The restaurant serves a seasonal menu with a modern, Californian take on cuisine. They pride themselves on offering quick, healthy, and convenient food through super fast digital ordering and nutritious options. Don’t forget to try their endless lemonade options!

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  7. Joe’s Ice Cream

    Location: Richmond
    Families must check out this old-school ice cream shop which has been serving homemade ice cream since 1959! Their tagline is literally “Food, Family & Fun”, so you know it’s great for kids. Taste classic flavors like rocky road and cookies & cream or try their Asian-inspired flavors like sweet red bean and Thai tea. Joe’s Ice Cream offers both indoor and outdoor seating to suit everyone. They also make Korean-inspired burgers, salads, and more for those looking for a full meal.

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  8. Park Lab Gardens/Spark Social SF

    Location: Mission Bay
    Spark Social SF features two food truck parks across the street from each other at Parklab Gardens. Between them, food and entertainment suitable for all ages can be found. You can sit at plenty of outdoor dining options like picnic benches and rentable cabanas, and the kiddos can run around on the green turf. Parents will enjoy the beer garden and the whole family can check out the mini golf course!

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  9. Foreign Cinema

    Location: Mission
    Foreign Cinema is a more upscale option for the parents that offers unique entertainment for kids. From a three-course prix-fixe kids meal to a house-designed coloring book with crayons, Foreign Cinema keeps kids in mind. This restaurant is known for screening films on a giant outdoor wall which can be entertaining for the whole family. Visit Foreign Cinema for dinner, available 7 days a the week, or brunch on the weekends.

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  10. Tony’s Cable Car Restaurant

    Location: Lower Pacific Heights
    Tony’s Cable Car Restaurant, established in 1972, is uniquely shaped like the classic San Francisco cable car! Kids will love ordering from their cable car specials including burgers, dogs, and more and pretending to be in a cable car. Bonus points if you take them for a cable car ride, too!

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Crab House at Pier 39 for Families

Nestled in the heart of San Francisco’s waterfront at Fisherman’s Wharf, the Crab House at Pier 39 is a gem that stands out not just for its Killer Crab but also for its welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere. This iconic restaurant is a haven for families looking to enjoy a delicious meal while soaking in the vibrant energy of Pier 39, one of the city’s most popular attractions. With its prime location, the Crab House offers more than just a dining experience; it serves as a gateway to a day full of adventure and fun for families exploring Pier 39.

One of the key features that make the Crab House an ideal spot for families is its kid-friendly menu. Understanding that young diners have specific tastes, Crab House offers a variety of options that cater to children, from fish & chips to cheeseburgers. The staff is always ready to make accommodations to suit diners, making mealtime a breeze for parents.

Beyond the menu, the Crab House capitalizes on its unique location to offer entertaining views that captivate diners of all ages. Situated on the edge of Pier 39, every seat in the house benefits from views of the San Francisco Bay, including Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge. However, the real stars of the show for many young visitors are the sea lions that have made the docks of Pier 39 their home. These playful marine mammals provide endless entertainment with their antics, making a meal at the Crab House a truly memorable experience. The opportunity to watch these sea lions frolic and sunbathe adds an extra layer of excitement to dining out, turning a simple meal into an engaging encounter with local wildlife.

But the appeal of the Crab House at Pier 39 extends beyond the restaurant itself. Pier 39 is a wonderland for families, offering a plethora of activities that cater to children and adults alike. Before or after their meal, families can explore the many attractions the Pier has to offer. From the mesmerizing Aquarium of the Bay, where visitors can get up close and personal with marine life, to the thrilling 7D Experience, there’s no shortage of entertainment. The historic San Francisco Carousel, with its hand-painted scenes of the city and over thirty animals to ride, is a hit among younger children, providing a whimsical break between exploring and dining. Moreover, Pier 39 hosts frequent events and street performances, ranging from magic shows to live music, ensuring that the atmosphere is always buzzing with excitement. These family-friendly activities create a lively backdrop for a day out, making a visit to the Crab House and Pier 39 an adventure in itself.

With its kid-friendly menu, captivating views, and proximity to a host of activities, Crab House at Pier 39 embodies the spirit of family-friendly dining in San Francisco. Here, families can bond over delicious food, delight in the playful antics of sea lions, and immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of the city, making every visit an occasion to remember.

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