San Francisco Facts to Know – Crab House PIER 39

The city by the bay is a lovely place to explore, but you might not learn about San Francisco facts and figures just by walking around on your own. This article is meant to teach you fun facts about San Francisco so when you are exploring the city before and after you eat at Crab House you will have a rich understanding of what you are seeing.

Guests in our dining room are often very interested and ask many questions about San Francisco city facts so we figured we would round up some of the most interesting facts about San Francisco here to make sure you are informed before you visit.

5 Facts About San Francisco

  1. San Francisco is approximately 49 square miles. That means you can walk from one end to the other by walking just 7 miles. If you know a lot about san francisco, that seems crazy since there is so much to do here in such a small space. It’s also interesting to note that the San Francisco 49ers football team have the same name as the square mileage – even though they are named after the gold rush.
  2. The only federal prison ever to have hot water was Alcatraz. Why? The only reason was to try to keep them from escaping in the cold San Francisco bay. Did you know multiple prisoners tried and may have successfully escaped from Alcatraz? They were never found.
  3. The city by the bay has more dogs than kids. How many more? Approximately 10,000 more dogs than kids.
  4. Fortune cookies were invented by a resident of San Francisco, even though many people assume they were invented in China.
  5. Jeans were originally created in San Francisco for Gold Rush miners who needed tough durable but comfortable pants. What an interesting start to such a wide spread clothing staple!

Now that you know these interesting tidbits about San Francisco, it probably spikes you San Francisco curiosities and you might be ready to learn San Francisco 10 fun facts. We can’t wait to have you dine with us when you are in San Francisco and learn that much more about this wonderful city.