Leftover Crab Recipes – Here Are Our Favorites!

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Crab is a delicacy, and while leftovers are a rare occurrence when you serve this delectable crustacean, there are occasionally times that require us to figure out what to do with leftover crab. This collection of leftover crab recipes offers the same respect and focus to the leftover meal that the original meal had. Plus, these leftover recipes will still taste just as good. If you find yourself in need of something to do with your crab leftovers or other seafood for that matter, there are many recipes that will use them and showcase them in their best light.

All seafood leftovers should be consumed soon after the original meal, as they will spoil after only a few short days in the fridge. They will taste best when consumed early. You’ll learn the best recipes for leftover crab legs and even more specifically leftover king crab recipes. You’ll never have to ask yourself what to do with left over crab again! 

What to do With Leftover Crab 

When leftover crab occurs, it is key to use it as soon as you can, but it should become a new

meal that you enjoy. Perhaps these leftover crab recipes will create something you enjoy as much as the original crab dish.The below recipes are made using dungeness crab because it has such a sweet and distinctive flavor. (Learn more about dungeness crab here!) However, we know not everyone cooks with just dungeness crab so all these recipes can be used with different types of crab.


Smoke your Crab

For a different approach to your crab leftovers, try smoking them. It can be done either in a smoker or on a grill and will add a different flavor to the resulting dish.


Add it to a pasta

Crab meat is a well known topping for pasta and can create a well rounded dish when added to

the sauce during the cooking process. You can cook it in the sauce, or add boiled crab over the finished pasta dish, and this can quickly become a favorite.

garlic noodes with shrimp


Make a dip

For a fast use of any crab meat you have, making a dip can add to almost any dish, used for an appetizer or as part of a main dish it is both flexible and easy to make. Create your own crab dip recipe by adding or removing ingredients you don’t enjoy, and it can make a great personal snack or presentation at a party. 


Seafood Charcuterie 

The growth in popularity of charcuterie boards has also left an open space for seafood or crab based charcuterie. If you are attending a party or a gathering it can be a great way to use your leftovers while still appearing to have put in maximum effort and impressing all of the guests. Or make it for your own movie night at home and keep it for yourself. 


Crab Stuffing

When you are looking for leftover crab recipes or specifically are looking to make appetizers and happen to have leftover crab meat, creating stuffed mushrooms are a sure way to make a great appetizer. This also applies to stuffed peppers, or even using it to top off bread. For a varied crowd add some in a vegetarian option using tofu or leaving out the meat, so everyone can enjoy the results of your efforts. 


Make it a salad

Adding crab to a salad can be a light meal that brings fresh flavors and a unique taste experience. It pairs well with apple and pomegranate, creating a healthy and light salad perfect throughout the summer. A cobb salad is another salad that can be adorned with the leftover crab for an extra layer of flavor and to bulk the salad to a full meal.


King Crab Meat Recipes

King crab is known for its long legs and distinct luxurious taste. The below recipes are the perfect way to use this unique variety of crab. 


Crab Rolls

One of the top recipes for leftover king crab meat is Garlic Butter King Crab Rolls.  These recipes with king crab meat uses the leftover meat and combines it with garlic, butter, corn, and other flavors to create an easy to make and fun to eat crab rolls. 


Crab Cakes

Another recipe with king crab meat is kind crab cakes. Crab cakes can be made with other types of crab meat, for a full and savory flavor the king crab leftovers with apple and lemon are a combination to beat. 


Add more seafood

Cioppino is a seafood stew that can be made with any leftover crab. Shake us this dish by using king crab which offers a dimensional taste that is sure to please. Add in any other seafood that is available, both leftovers and fresh, including fish, shellfish, and clams, to the mix of water, vegetables, and spices. Stews are often preferred during the winter months as a hearty meal that can warm the body and the soul. 


Crab Tacos

Leftover king crab is also a very popular ingredient for tacos. King crab can be used as a snack between meals, as the main dish in a meal, or as a light lunch. Simply place your cooked leftover crab meat onto the tortilla and top with corn, tomato, lime or lemon. Add any other toppings you enjoy for a fast and simple meal. 


Crab Bisque 

King crab meat recipes are certainly going to include a recipe for a bisque. This soup is a wonderful way to meld flavors. It’s great because it will not mask the taste of the crab behind other foods. With tomato, olive oil, and lemon juice it is both healthy and suited to almost any diet. It also has a light and simple approach to true flavor.


What to do with Leftover Crab Legs

For a classic take on what to do with crab legs that you have left over, boiled crab legs top the list. It’s easy to make, plus it puts the legs  into a dish you will want to make again. With no worry of over cooking, it is a low maintenance way to use all those crab legs. For an alternative way to cook crab legs, these leftover crab legs recipes are great. 


Steaming crab legs provides a simple way of cooking them. This cooking method requires little observation. Perfect for those who like to start a meal and complete other tasks while they wait.


Do not have enough crab legs for a full meal or for everyone you are serving? Making a chowder is a top option. It is an easy way to use the leftovers. This soup is blended and added to other ingredients to make a larger serving. Paired with fresh bread, it can be a meal itself or a starter dish for any dinner.

clam chowder

No matter the type of crab meat that you have, there are many recipes that will make great use of any leftover crab. You can use these recipes which can also be made as an original dish. Using fresh crab to make one or a few of them to combine into a meal. Each recipe is best suited to using ingredients that you may already have. These recipes, we hope, can spark creativity in presentation and execution.


We hope this guide helps you use up some of your leftover crab. We also hope gives you some inspiration to make new leftover crab recipes. If you’re looking for more inspiration check out these additional ways to use leftover crab. If you ever find yourself visiting San Francisco make sure you visit us at Crab House located on PIER 39. We are crab experts!