San Francisco’s Best Crab | Crab House on PIER 39

San Francisco is behind many famous foods – like sourdough bread, seafood cioppino, and everyone’s favorite – Dungeness Crab. But where did this originate, and where can you get the best Dungeness crab in the city?


How Dungeness Crab Rose in Popularity

Long ago, crab was seen as a nuisance that would often get caught in nets and tangled up in fishing lines while fishermen were fishing for more popular seafood that everyone wanted to eat. Then, about 100 years ago, opinion started shifting and crab became a sought after cuisine. 

The fisherman realized the tender crab meat was desirable and since Dungeness crab is the species that can be caught in San Francisco, so began the famous crab in the city. Years later, Crab House has perfected the cooking techniques, seasoning and presentation to have locked down the most popular Dungeness crab in all of San Francisco. If you are craving the best Dungeness crab, look no further than Crab House. 

Dungeness Crab Season

The crab season typically starts around November in San Francisco and lasts for months. This is a lovely time to be in the city by the bay, especially in Fisherman’s Wharf, to enjoy the fresh incredible crab preparations the local chefs have to offer. If you plan to visit around Thanksgiving or Christmas for Crab, this is a great opportunity since the Fisherman’s Wharf restaurants stay open on the holidays and serve extremely fresh crab.

Crab House on PIER 39

The Crab House has been serving the best Dungeness Crab in San Francisco for years. Don’t believe us? Ask the food writers – even they agree! The Killer Crab is the most famous Crab dish and is carefully roasted and seasoned in our secret sauce, and then served to you on a sizzling platter. Don’t worry though, we give you a complimentary bib so you won’t get super dirty.

The freshness of the crab is important, as is the size. We are committed to serving 2 pounds of crab since we know everyone likes to break it apart and have plenty of tender meaty pieces of perfectly seasoned crab.  

You’ll love the energetic music, welcoming hospitality, the smell of garlic crab, and the sound of sizzling skillets all around you – not to mention the sweeping San Francisco Bay view from the Golden Gate Bridge, the PIER 39 sea lions, and alcatraz. Just imagine – cracking into warm garlic crab while overlooking the water as you enjoy each bite.